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SonusMed began with a revolutionary idea – medical solutions shouldn’t just be in the hands of your doctor, they should be accessible to everyone.  We are committed to inspiring breakthroughs in the way we treat disease and contribute to healthier lives and well-being by providing the best care to all patients through innovative medical research.

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona. Please use the contact form below for more information.

Dr. Anju Dubey
Dr. Anju Dubey is the founder, CEO and President of SonusMed. Dr. Dubey has extensive background in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology research and development. She joined Centaur Pharmaceuticals, just after her Ph.D. from Southern Methodist University and worked on several neurodegenerative and inflammatory indications. She also spear-headed diverse projects across multidisciplinary departments establishing cross-functional teams at Tecan and Maxygen in applications and marketing of diagnostics and kits. She has authored several scholarly research articles and FDA reports while pioneering creative solutions for the bottlenecks in drug-discovery and lab-automation.
Sheila J. Mosher
Sheila Mosher has over thirty years of experience in information technology management, business systems design and healthcare software development. She is the founder and CEO of Lyons Design, a technical services company located in Gilbert, Arizona. For over sixteen years, Lyons Design has provided consulting and technical services for small to medium sized businesses, with a particular emphasis on early-stage biotechnology companies. Sheila’s professional experience includes executive management positions in S2J Systems, FlipChip International, Rural/Metro Corporation and ICG Corporation of Chicago.
Atul Tripathi
Advisory Board
Atul holds an MBA from Rice University, with specialization in Finance and Strategy, as well as dual masters in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. He has a solid background in engineering and manufacturing for multi-national corporations, as well as extensive consulting experience with the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing in Madison, WI. He is currently Senior Manager of Global Manufacturing Assets for NOV. Atul was recently featured as guest speaker on Change Management at the APICS conferences in 2010 and 2011.
Dr. Fredrick Osorio
Advisory Board
Dr. Osorio graduated from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, with a Fellowship in Nephrology. He was awarded Specialist in Clinical Hypertension in 2001. He is currently practicing at the Southwest Kidney Institute, PLC, in Mesa, Arizona.
Dr. Madhavi Chakravadhanula
Scientific Advisor
Dr. Madhavi Chakravadhanula has seventeen years of biomedical research experience with fourteen peer-reviewed publications and many national and international conference presentations. Her research expertise areas include Cellular biology, Molecular biology, Genetics, and Biochemistry. She worked as a biomedical Scientist at Phoenix Children’s Hospital and Arizona State University (ASU), where her research projects included cancer related signal transduction pathways pertaining to translational medical research. Dr. Chakra earned her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at ASU, where she studied cell cycle regulation in cancers along with environmental effects of nanohematite. Prior to her doctoral studies, she earned a Master’s in Life Sciences from the University of Madras, India, and earned a second Master’s in Biology from West Virginia University (WVU). After her WVU Master’s, she worked as a Research Assistant for four years involved in projects dealing with cell cycle regulation, triple helix DNA studies, and Alzheimer’s research. Besides being on the Advisory board for SonusMed as Scientific Advisor, Dr. Chakravadhanula currently serves as Adjunct Faculty at the Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ, where she is involved in teaching advanced level biology courses and mentoring undergraduate research.

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